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We aspire to cultivate a space for diverse spiritual communities to come together, revealing the beautiful tapestry of unity that reflects all religious principles, all while cherishing and upholding our historic sanctuary. We warmly invite you to take a closer look at our myriad programs, which function largely on a donations basis.

Whether you are already on a spiritual journey or actively seeking a deeper connection, we hope our community can become your spiritual home - where individuals from all walks of life believe in the unity of all.

If your heart yearns to establish a new group or wishes to contribute your time through volunteering, your voice and hands are warmly welcome here. Reach out, and let's explore how we can together nurture spiritual growth and unity. In times when you feel called to express your gratitude through financial support, know it is received with heartfelt appreciation and utilized judiciously.

Together, amidst our diversity, let's continue finding ways to open our hearts to an all-encompassing love, nourish our souls with evocative beauty, and harmonize with our neighbors, fostering an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect. All are welcome and cherished here, just as they are.

Welcome to Heart of Many Ways

Heart of Many Ways Community

Our Vision

1) To preserve an historic Eureka Springs building and maintain its sacred purpose.

2) To develop a community of many faiths, spiritual paths, and practices to share this common space with respect for all.


3) To encourage individuals and groups to provide programs to enrich and uplift the spirit.


4) To invite the wider Eureka Springs community to support and share our vision.

Historic Drawing of the Heart of Many Ways Building

Our Building

Our Building was constructed in 1914 as a Christian Science Church and was opened in 1915. One hundred years later it was passed from the Christian Science Society of Eureka Springs to the newly incorporated Heart of Many Ways.

The Building is on the historical register and has been through some changes along the way. At one point it had a turret…


Calendar of Events 
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Heart of Many Ways Building

Heart of Many Ways is a 501 (c) (3). All your donations will go to the maintenance

of our building and are tax deductible...and very much appreciated!

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