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Our Building

Our Building was constructed in 1914 as a Christian Science Church and was opened in 1915. One hundred years later it was passed from the Christian Science Society of Eureka Springs to the newly incorporated Heart of Many Ways.

The Building is on the historical register and has been through some changes along the way. At one point it had a turret…the stucco was added at a later date and the Christian Scientists made some changes to the interior ceiling to enhance the building’s acoustics. According to the remaining Christian Scientists, the original stained glass was shipped from Germany…there used to be a folding partition made of paneled doors, separating the foyer from the pews – we still have all the doors but one – where could it be?

We are committed to the maintenance of this lovely edifice, with its beautiful curved pews and so many other interesting features. Old buildings need a lot of TLC, so we have ongoing fundraisers, often taking the form of benefit concerts – as mentioned the building has great acoustics! Music to uplift our spirits and warm our hearts also helps to maintain the healing vibrations set in motion by the Christian Scientists. 

Let us know if you’d like to be on our music event team,  have skills to contribute to maintaining the building, or would like to receive notifications of upcoming concerts.

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