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Arkansas Metaphysical Society

Meetings are Monday's at 7 pm

Please check the Calendar on the Home Page for current offerings

We gather as seekers of inner meaning, wisdom, and the nature of unseen realities. None of us has a complete picture of our own being or the greater existence of consciousness, so we come together from our myriad paths seeking to add to a greater comprehension while sharing in the inner knowledge and experience of others on a similar journey. Thus spiritual inquiry is encouraged and respected.

We are not a group of people seeking therapy; we are not a debating society; neither are we a platform for personal, economic, or political agendas. Our only imperative is to listen while deeper meaning seeks our awareness.


Metaphysical Study Group

Meetings are on the First Saturday of every month from 1 - 5 PM at the Heart of Many Ways building, generally in the downstairs Meeting Room.  

Please check the Calendar on the Home Page for current meetings

In between the “reality” of our physical World and the postulates of Occult (hidden) Metaphysics are “manifestations” that take the form of individual/group: visualizations, experiences, and esoteric knowledge awareness, Prana energy applications, etc. You are cordially invited to join us as we come together to take the time needed to search for Metaphysics "truths" and their meaning(s) for a richer individual and collective life experience(s).​​​​​​​​

Stephen Foster

Stephen Foster Ph.D., D.D. (Metaphysics)

Chair, Metaphysics Study Group

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