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Affiliate Facilitator:  Bahadur Singh Khalsa

Please check the Calendar on the Home Page for current offerings.

Bahadur Singh Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga combines traditional Hatha Yoga poses with specialized breathing techniques (pranyama) along with the use of mantras to create a higher consciousness.


Why Practice Kundalini Yoga?


The Human mind is  potentially

Infinite and creative.   But in practical reality the mind is limited.  So a technical know how is required thru which one can expand one's mind to bring  about equilibrium that enables one to control one's physical structure and experience one's Infinite Self.


Kundalini's connection to the Sikh Dharma


Kundalini Yoga is a householder yoga (a tenet of the Sikh Dharma). Both allows an ordinary person to live fully in the world, experience the ecstacy of consciousness, then use this consciousness to serve mankind (Dharma). This is the same as Sikh consciousness. It is not necessary to be a Sikh to have Sikh consciousness, just as it is not necessary to be a Christian to have Christ consciousness. Humility in Kundalini yoga and Sikh consciousness is the same.


Sikh means student, Dharma means elegant and selfless action. Kundalini imparts awareness. So with our full awareness we live a Dharma as people who are students of elegant action and life. That's the relationship. It's about living synchronized with Spirit and not about religion.


Core Sikh Beliefs


A single creator sustains people of all faiths.


Every Human Being is equal in the eyes of Creator.


Sikh householder daily principles

*work hard and honestly

*share your bounty with the less fortunate

*remember Creator in everything you do


Sikh faith rejects  polytheism, idol worship, superstitions, and blind rituals.


Sikhism considers no place, day, or time more holy than any other.


 Bahadur Singh Khalsa

(Yogiric) is available for small private classes upon request. For more info email


Currently yogiric provides a one hour Gong bath meditation the last Tuesday of the month at noon in the Heart of Many Ways upper floor Sanctuary.

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