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Affiliate Facilitator:  Melissa Sunshine
Contact:  TBD

Please check the Calendar on the Home Page for current offerings.

The Wiccan Affiliate Group connects to the Goddess, God and Great Spirit - The Two who move as One in the Love of the Great Divine.  We believe we are all a part of the whole of nature and not the master of it.  Other humans are our sisters and brothers, whatever their races, colors, ages, nationalities, creeds, or sexual preferences.  The Earth is our Mother and the Sky is our Father.  We seek to live in harmony with others and treat others with respect. The Divine is everywhere, in the energy of life.  Our Holy places are under the open sky, in the stone circle or in the Oak grove.  We enter our circles in perfect love and perfect trust.  We call to the four quarters - to Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and to the Center Spirit of the Goddess and God.   We journey through meditations, dreams, and visualizations to the Lower World, the Middle World and to the Upper World.  We return with insights.  We go between the worlds for healing, growth and transformations.  We hear the cry from Mother Earth, see the pollution of the air, the soil and the waters.  We see the wars, the pain and suffering.  We sense these things, but live to cleanse, heal, transform and manifest love on our planet.  We look to the stars and the universe with wonder, and seek the mysteries within and beyond.  Our motto is:  "And it harm none, do what you will.  If it helps even one, do what you can."  

Blessed Be,  Melissa Sunshine 

We meet at various times and places vary so please check our calendar  All are welcome

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